Protect Yourself: Where to Get Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

US News and World Report ranked massage therapy as the 88th out of 100 best jobs to have in America. It’s ranked 12th in jobs you can get without a college degree.  And it’s ranked 22nd in terms of high paying jobs you can get without a degree. But for those who decide to become massage therapists, there are a few things to consider first. One major consideration is how to protect yourself against liability. Massage therapy liability insurance can ensure that no matter what happens, your business and your personal assets stay safe.

Keep reading to learn where to get massage therapy liability insurance.

Why Massage Therapy Liability Insurance Is Necessary

Every business needs to protect itself from potential problems. Liability insurance massage therapy can help protect you and your business from the following issues:

Potential Injuries Caused by Your Services

Many people make appointments with massage therapists to deal with existing injuries or medical conditions. It’s possible to unknowingly cause their injuries to become worse.

Having professional liability insurance can protect your business from any injury claims. It may also save your business from the myriad financial and reputational problems that often arise as the result of a liability lawsuit.

Potential Injuries Caused by a Third Party Claim

Even a client entering your place of work means there’s the possibility of an injury occurring. If a client slips and falls in your place of business, they could file a claim against your business claiming negligence.

Having general liability insurance helps protect your business from these types of lawsuits.

May Cover Law Fees

If a client does pursue a civil lawsuit, defending yourself can get extremely expensive. A lawsuit could leave you broke and defenseless.

Liability insurance often covers attorney fees, court costs, and judgments and/or settlements.

What to Look for in Liability Insurance

Don’t just look for cheap massage therapy liability insurance. You get what you pay for.

Instead, find a policy that includes the following:

  • Professional liability (malpractice)
  • General liability (slips and falls)
  • Product liability (adverse reactions to lotions and oils)

How Much Most Policies Cover

Most policies cover these three types of coverage. Most policies limit their coverage to between $1 million and $2 million dollars per occurrence.

Check to see if your policy is a “claims-made” or “occurrence” policy. Claims-made policies require claims to be filed during the policy period. Occurrence policies cover claims occurring within the policy period.

Additional Coverage

You may also want to find a provider who will include the following coverages in your policy:

  • Lost/stolen equipment
  • Reimbursement of a rental after a loss
  • Identity theft

Check to see whether your particular modality or form of bodywork is covered. Not all policies include forms of bodywork such as structural integration or foot reflexology.

Always check to see what isn’t covered. It can be just as important as what is being covered in your policy.

How to Find the Right Insurance Carrier

Start by comparing the ratings of several carriers. A rating of A++ or A+ is considered superior. Any insurance carrier with a rating of B or lower is not worth your time or consideration.

Ask other massage therapists in your area which insurance carrier they work with. Ask what they like and don’t like about their insurance carrier.

Make sure the carrier provides excellent customer service.

Get Listed Here

Getting massage therapy liability insurance won’t just provide you with peace of mind, but your clients will be happy to know you take your business seriously as well. You can advertise that you’re fully insured as part of your marketing strategy.

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