When Is It Safe to Work as a Pregnant Massage Therapist?

Around 88% of massage therapists today are women. If you’re one of them and already pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you may have a lot of questions.

While there are some challenges to overcome as a pregnant massage therapist, in most cases, it’s perfectly safe to continue working for as long as you want.

Let’s take a look at two of the questions you may have about massaging while pregnant so you can overcome some of the most common challenges you may face.

Is it Safe to Massage While Pregnant?

For the majority of women, it’s safe to continue to work while pregnant. This includes massage therapists. For most pregnant massage therapists, their decision to work is based entirely on how they’re feeling.

In rare cases, your doctor may advise you to stop working. If you’ve been put on bed rest for preeclampsia, have pre-term labor, or have any other serious medical complications that threaten your pregnancy, you won’t be able to continue working as a massage therapist.

Be sure to always check with your OB/GYN if you’re not sure if it’s safe for you to work.

What Challenges do a Pregnant Massage Therapist Face?

Now let’s look at some of the challenges you may face during your pregnancy that may make working as a massage therapist more difficult. We’ll also go into some ways you can overcome these difficulties.


Many women experience varying degrees of nausea during their pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Despite its name, morning sickness can strike any time of the day and can make working difficult or impossible.

Some tricks to preventing nausea include:

  • Eating smaller meals throughout the day
  • Massaging acupressure points
  • Sipping orange or lemon juice
  • Chewing mint-flavored gum
  • Using essential oils
  • Taking prescription medication

Not every trick works for every woman, so keep trying different things until you find something that works for you.

Aches and Pains

As you start carrying around more weight and your body changes to prepare for birth, you’ll experience a lot more aches and pains. These are especially common in your back and feet.

Be sure to get regular massages yourself to help with back pain, and have the right shoes that will help you make it through the day with as little pain as possible. Don’t forget to elevate your feet throughout the day as well.


Growing a human is exhausting! You may notice it more in your first and third trimesters, but don’t be surprised when you can barely keep your eyes open even after you’ve gotten a good night of sleep.

Be sure you’re eating healthy meals and protein-rich snacks that will help you keep your energy levels, and don’t be afraid to sneak some naps in between clients if you can.

Learn More Tips for Massage Therapists

Now you know that it’s safe to work as a pregnant massage therapist as long as you feel comfortable and have clearance from your doctor.

If you want to learn more tips to help you be the best massage therapist you can be, check out our blog. There, you can find a ton of helpful information, including our review of massage tools.


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