What to Use for Massage Oil in My Massage Practice?

Over 40% of massage-goers enjoy it as a relaxing and pampering experience. When massage oils are used as part of the practice, it can boost the experience as well as increase the health benefits of the massage.  Which oils are the best? Do you know what to use for massage oil practices? Read on to learn about the benefits of massage oils and easy ways to incorporate them into your massage therapy.

Benefits of Using Massage Oils

As a massage therapist, your goal is to help your clients relax and feel better. You’ll already be achieving that through massage–so why use oils?

Massage oils can enhance the massage experience for your client through their aroma and ability to glide over the skin. Many essential oils have been used to boost mood, help you relax, or soothe sore muscles.

Are you wondering which oils are best to use in your practice? Read on for our list of the top massage oils to add to your cabinet.

What to Use for Massage Oil

Whether you’re familiar with skincare oils or not, you might be wondering which oils to choose when you’re shopping for massage tools. Depending on which type of massage therapy you specialize in, you should choose oils that are easy to incorporate into your practice.

1. Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is not the same thing as the clumpy white stuff in your kitchen cabinet. Instead, it’s processed in a way that makes it smooth, light, and perfect for an oil massage.

It has a long shelf life and remains in its liquid form no matter the temperature of the room. Also, because of its composition, it’s less likely to clog pores than regular coconut oil and is easily absorbed into the skin.

2. Sunflower Oil

This non-greasy oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and rich in fatty acids. Because of this, it’s great for the skin and makes a perfect massage oil for clients wanting an extra boost to their complexion.

3. Grape-Seed Oil

Grape-seed oil is an affordable option for massage therapists working with a limited budget. It glides on smoothly over the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. It also has a little-to-no odor, which makes it a great carrier oil for aromatherapy.

4. Sesame Oil

In Indian traditional medicine, sesame oil is used for its detoxifying power and nourishing ingredients. Some of your clients might appreciate the benefits of sesame oil on their skin, but you’ll want to let them know that it might feel heavier than other oils.

5. Sweet Almond Oil

This is one of the most popular massage oils for massage therapists because of its smoothness and fast-absorbing qualities. You can use it to help glide over the skin without worrying about a lasting stickiness or oil-stained sheets.

It makes a great natural massage oil because it’s extracted from almonds. Be careful not to use it on your clients with nut allergies though.

6. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is sometimes considered the best oil for body massage–even though it’s not an oil. It’s a wax that’s extracted from the seeds of a jojoba plant. Because it has antibacterial properties, if’s a great oil for clients with sensitive skin.

Boost Your Practice

As you network and build your massage clientele, you can improve your technique by using massage oils. If you’re wondering what to use for massage oil, there are many natural options to choose from. Almost all will offer extra health benefits without costing you a fortune.

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