What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Have you ever heard of Lomi Lomi massage? If not, you’re missing out on a wonderfully relaxing, healing, and spiritual experience. The people who experience these unique, traditional Hawaiin massages rave about the healing effects on both mind and body. But what is this style of massage and why haven’t you heard of it before?

The truth is, while well-known and revered in Hawaii, it is just now making its grand appearance on the mainland. As people come to recognize and experience this Spiritual massage, however, it will become wildly popular.

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

LThis Hawaiin massage finds its roots in Hawaii, where it’s used in accordance with Huna. Huna is a practice much like yoga or meditation. Its goal is to create peace and oneness with the mind, body, and spirit.

The massage focuses its efforts not only on relaxing the physical body, but also the energetic body. Most people would recognize this energy as chi or qi.

This Spiritual massage strives to clear energetic blockages, which, according to huna are the source of most mental and physical ailments.

How is Lomi Lomi Massage Conducted?

Lomi Lomi massage is generally done in private practices, rather than conventional spas and saunas. However, many spas, both knowingly and unknowingly, incorporate many of the principles, methods, and techniques used in Lomi massages.

Traditional Lomi Massage sessions begin with various forms of spiritual preparation such as meditation, prayer, and breathing exercises.

Lomi Lomi massage therapists use long, continuous, and rhythmic strokes, concentrating on encouraging the flow of energy through the body. They are famous for transitioning seamlessly from one area of the body to the next.

Because of the natural flow and movement of strokes, the client wore very little to no coverings in the traditional Lomi Lomi massage. In our modern society, however, Lomi massage therapists have their clients wear at least a towel over their private areas during the massage. More conservative Lomi Lomi massage centers use sheets, similar to that of other massage parlors.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

What is this massage or any other type of massage worth without benefits?

We assure you, the benefits do not fall short.  Aside from the obvious relaxation experienced during a Lomi massage, clients are also gifted with a release from anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions caused by energetic blockages.

It also addresses physical pains and ailments such as muscle soreness, stiff joints, and even helps relieve pain for clients recovering from surgery or other injuries. People with arthritis and fibromyalgia can also benefit from Lomi Lomi massage.

Because of the full-body nature of this type of massage, practitioners are well-trained and skilled with pressure-sensitive areas. They know where to dig in and where to pull back, avoiding causing unnecessary pain.

Give It a Try

Even if your beliefs don’t fall in line with energetic healing and massage, why not try something new? Many people leave experiences like Lomi massage with eyes wide open, feeling better than they had in months.

Give this Massage a chance and see what benefits it could have in store for you!


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