What is an Outcall Massage and is it Right for My Practice?

As a massage therapist or owner of a massage therapist business, one determination you must make is whether to offer outcall massages.

What is an Outcall Massage?

An outcall massage is simply where the massage therapist travels to a client’s location. There are many benefits and potential risks involved.

The Advantages of Outcall Massages

The main benefit of offering outcall massages is increased revenue generating potential. Massage therapists can charge significantly more for outcall massages, sometimes even double! When offering outcall massages, factor in all your expenses and an additional premium for the increased effort. Your expenses include fuel, vehicle depreciation, any special equipment you had to purchase for outcall massages, and most importantly, your time. You may have additional expenses not on this list.

If you exclusively offer outcall massages, then you can save a lot of money on renting or owning office space and other overhead items. This can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year in savings.

The Disadvantages of Outcall Massages

There are several disadvantages to offering outcall massages. There is more physical activity with outcall massages. </a> You must bring your equipment and supplies everywhere you go and carry them each time you meet with a client. The risk of injury is greater than only offering massages within your office.

Outcall massages take more time due to traveling to the client’s location. Less time means that you will not have as many clients during the day. Another disadvantage is that you cannot control the environment during the massage like you could in your office. In your office, you can make room soothing and relaxing, but you may not be able to do that at a client’s location.

You also must be more careful screening your new clients. When you offer outcall massage services, you may very well be alone with the client in their home. Ask important questions beforehand to help ascertain their intentions. It is a good idea to carry self-defense mace or a taser, if your state’s laws allow for it.

There is also increased wear and tear on your equipment. Constantly setting up and removing equipment decreases its lifespan. There is also greater risk of accidentally damaging the equipment while in transit.

Outcall Massage Clientele

Depending on your clientele, outcall massage services might make more sense. If your clientele is wealthy, you will probably travel to their residence more often than not. Your clientele’s career or lifestyle may also determine an outcall massage necessity. Athletes, actors, and the elderly will probably prefer an outcall massage.

Outcall massage services can greatly increase your revenue as a massage therapist. That increased revenue has a cost and some potential risks. Consider your main clientele when determining if you should offer outcall massage services. Research your area prior to making the determination.

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