Swedish Massage Cost: What can you expect to pay for a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is one of the most common massage types. When performed by a licensed massage therapist, it can help relieve stress, reduce injury recovery time, and relieve pain. A common question is how much does a Swedish massage cost? There are many factors that determine how much money you will ultimately pay.

Duration of Massage

The biggest factor in determining price is the length of time that the Swedish massage will last. A 30 minute massage will cost much less than a 120 minute massage.  You can expect to pay an average of $30 to $65 for a 30 minute Swedish massage session. A 60 minute session typically goes for between $50 to $130. A 90 minute session can go for between $90 to $175. Want a 2 hour Swedish massage? That will most likely cost between $120 to $200.

There are ways to reduce the overall cost of a Swedish massage through purchasing bundled massage packages or sessions. Continue reading for more information on these bundled packages.

Bundling Massage Packages

Some massage therapists will discount individual session prices if you purchase multiple sessions ahead of time. Suppose a massage therapist charges $100 for an hour-long Swedish massage. The massage therapist might have a deal where you pre-purchase 3 hour-long sessions at $80 per session, for a total of $240 for 3 sessions, compared to $300 for 3 sessions purchased individually.

In-Office or Off-Site

You can expect to pay more for a message therapist to come out to location for a Swedish massage. The extra cost will reflect the travel expenses as well as the massage therapist’s effort and time. Depending on the length of travel, the massage cost could be double that of an in-office visit.

Location Within U.S.

Depending on where you are within the United States, the cost of a Swedish massage can vary greatly. In areas with a low cost of living, you can expect to pay less for a session than in areas with a high cost of living. Another factor that can affect pricing is competition. If there are two massage therapists within the same area, they may compete for your business. It is also worth mentioning that independent massage therapists generally charge more per massage than a massage therapist working for a massage chain.


There may be extra costs depending on if you want extra services during the Swedish massage. For example, if you want Aromatherapy during the massage, it will increase the overall cost.

Swedish massage costs can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. It is best to research local massage therapists to get a feel for the pricing in your area. At Massagebypro, you can search for massage therapists in your area and book the appointment online.

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