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Cities in Colorado
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Thai Colorado - Is Thai Massage Right for me?

Thai massage is a unique and powerful massage modality incorporating slow movements, allowing the mind and spirit to experience a deeper form of relaxation. It is a combination of deep pressure and assisted stretches, many times referred to as “The Lazy Man’s Yoga. Thai massage is ideal for increasing flexibility, relieving joint stiffness, boosting energy, boosting mental relaxation and providing stretching like no other. It helps release Serotonin as well, better known as the “Happy Hormone”. which helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite and digestion. Thai massage is the perfect combination of pain relief and relaxation. During a Thai massage, there is a lot of interaction between you and the therapist. It is one of the few massages where it is not oil-based, and you stay fully clothed during your session. The session is usually performed on the floor, underneath a special thick mat. Thai Massage is combining a massage and Yoga class in one session.

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