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Sports Louisiana - Is Sports Massage Right for me?

Sports massage is a specialized form of massage specifically geared towards athletes of any kind, from the world class professional to the weekend gym novice. Sports massage is usually given at 3 specific times; before a major event, to increase circulation flexibility and mental clarity; in between workouts, to flush out toxins and take away aches and pains; after an event, to relax the muscles and speed up recovery time. Sports massage has many benefits, such as range of motion, muscle mobility, increase circulation and help athletes remains soft, subtle and flexible. One of the major and most important benefits of sports massage is that it helps reduce muscle recovery time by helping to flush out lactic acid, and natural toxins that are released in your body through strenuous exercise. This form of massage can be a great tool for athletes to enhance their performance and recovery time. So if you are getting to ready to compete in a major sporting event or need help recovering from a taxing workout then a Sports Massage would be very beneficial.

Credentials for a Louisiana Sports Massage

Sports massage therapists provide treatments before professional competitions to help condition the muscles of athletes of all skill level. A sports massage therapist must first meet the state requirements in order to practice massage. Sports massage is a specialty therefore requires further education in order to practice. Therapists learn kinesiology, exercise Physiology, healing protocols, injury rehabilitation , pre and post workout recovery and more. Sports massage specialization teaches a massage therapist how to build on their expertise that serves the unique needs of athletes. Sports massage therapist work on numerous settings including becoming a part of the athletic training staff of professional sports teams, in physical therapy settings that works specifically with athletes or on an independent basis working with athletes individually. A therapist can further their studies with a degree in sports medicine or physical therapy assistant.

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