Massage Trade Shows: 5 Tips To Have Your Best Booth

Massage trade shows can be a valuable event for your massage practice because it allows you to get more brand exposure, learn best practices from other massage therapists, and meet valuable contacts that can help your business grow. In this post, we are going to highlight five ways you can have your best booth in a massage trade show:

1. Set up Your Booth in a Timely Manner

Make sure your booth is installed and disassembled in a timely fashion. Nothing could be worse for your company if your booth is not properly prepared.  All of your “tools of the trade” (towels, tables, chairs, equipment, lotions, gels, etc.) need to be displayed in such a way that is pleasing to the eye.  Make sure your booth does not have a “cluttered” feeliing but flows smoothly.

2. Make Your Booth Inviting and Appealing

Your booth needs to be inviting and appealing drawing the crowd into your area, making them feel like they can’t wait to experience your massage techniques. You might even have your employees give free demonstrations of their honed skills as massage therapists representing your company. Your booth needs to make the impression that you are the best in the business.

3. Dress Professionally at Massage Trade Shows

During the massage trade show, your employees must dress the part: This often involves them wearing company branded clothing that includes your business name, logo and website. Matching shirts would show cohesiveness and professionalism.   Also, shoes must not be scuffed looking, but clean and new in appearance.  Your employees should look very professional with hair pulled back (women) and nails manicured.  Male employees should have neatly trimmed hair, including facial hair.  They should also wear a smile and be ready to answer any question a possible client might have.

4. Bring Large Signs with Creative Graphics

To draw traffic your way during the massage trade show, make your booth stand out by using strong graphics and large signs. Use tall display signs that extend over the booth area to help possible customers find and identify your booth. To attract even more attention, use brightly colored and different shaped signs with catchy phrases that would make your company stand out in the crowd.

5. Create an Attraction That Draws People to your Booth

Create an attraction, such as a putt putt hole, that gives attendees an opportunity to win something.

6. Give Away Promotional Items

Last, but not least, give out promotional items. Because most of your competitors will do the same thing, it is very important that your promotional items stand out from the crowd. Below are a few of the specialty items that will draw people your way:

  1. A refreshing water bottle with your private label is always appreciated by trade show persons who are tired out spending the day talking and walking.  This is a great way to guide other thirsty people to your booth and when they see your private label, they will know where to find you.  You need to have a friendly employee there to welcome them and talk up your booth explaining the benefits of massages and why your company is the best and stands out from all the rest.
  2. Private label your own snacks easily and very inexpensively.  Hungry trade show attendees will cheerfully stop by for a bag of pretzels, chips, candy or other snacks packaged with your logo on it.  Guests appreciate your kindness and will often stop and converse for a few minutes, possibly enabling you to get some contact information and talk up your company.
  3. Handing out colorful pens with your logo printed out on them will enable folks to remember you after the convention every time they use the pen.  This is a great marketing tool to further expand your massage therapy company’s brand.

To conclude, massage trade shows can be valuable asset to your business. Follow these five tips and you will surely “stand out” in the crowd.

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