Massage Tools Review: Save Your Hands with These Massage Therapy Tools

Right now we’re a society that is dealing with ongoing pain. People are walking around and coping with issues that keep them from feeling comfortable in their body. For instance, some 10 percent of people right now are suffering from chronic neck pain. Thankfully, there are lots of massage techniques you can use to get rid of pain. Aside from touching base with a massage therapist, you can buy some massage therapy tools that you can use on your own time.

Consider these 5 massage therapy tools:

1. A U-Design Massage Tool

As the name suggests, this device is U-Shaped, which means that it can be easily cradled around your neck.

It comes equipped with sensors, massage balls and temperature settings that give you just the massage that you are looking for. Aside from neck massage, you can use a U-Design massage tool on your shoulders and legs as well.

Make sure to choose one that is packed with plenty of settings.

2. A Trigger Point Foam Roller

In terms of trigger point massage, it doesn’t get better than foam rollers.

You will be able to set this roller up underneath your calf muscles to roll out tension. You can also set it up beneath your thighs or buttocks to get an entire lower body massage.

A lot of people use these massagers prior to workouts so that they can get started loose, limber and ready for action. It’ll allow you to get the blood flowing as well if you, like most people, are spending too much time sitting down every day.

3. A Deep Tissue Massage Hand Tool

Getting deep tissue massage for your back or neck is a great way to relieve both stress and pain.

With this type of tool, you will be able to fully control your massage. It is shaped similar to a handheld shower nozzle, which gives you a chance to maneuver it however you need to.

Whether you are using this tool on your lower body, back, neck or shoulders, it’ll give you the best deep tissue massage possible, with lots of different settings to choose between.

4. A Rolling Foot Massager

You’ve got to take care of your feet as well.

By using a rolling foot massager, you are able to keep your feet and toes loose and will be able to prevent cramps and increase blood flow. Using a rolling foot massager can be a great idea if you spend a lot of time on your feet for work.

5. Massage Balls

Finally, you can look into massage balls to help you with any pain or tightness that you have.

By using a massage ball, you can decrease tension in your hands, or apply the massage ball to your neck or other areas of the body. Be sure to choose a massage ball with several different settings.

Use These Massage Therapy Tools

These are the massage therapy tools that you’ll want to use in lieu of getting in touch with a massage therapist. These tools will set you straight in between massage therapist visits.


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Author: anthonybart