5 Important Questions to Have on a Massage Client Intake Form

Client intake forms are very important for a massage therapist. The form indicates can reveal the client’s preferences as well as any possible complications that may arise during the massage. This level of understanding, along with a great massage, will keep clients coming back for more. The client intake form can also prevent any legal issues should the client have a pre-existing medical issue or injury that is exacerbated by a massage.

Find Out the Client’s Goals

Learning about your client’s goals is so important to make sure that you deliver a satisfactory massage. Here is a question you should ask to find out their goals:

What are your goals for today’s massage therapy session?

The client may have pain in a specific area that needs to be massaged. The client may just want to relax. Whatever the case may be, it is good to know beforehand.

Find Out Where the Client Needs Attention

Many clients have different needs. Some may be experiencing neck pain, while others may have lower back pain. Finding out where they need your massage expertise is important. Here is a question you should ask:

What physical activities do you do during the week and are there any specific areas that I need to focus on?

Clients do not always tell the massage therapist if there is an area where they would like to focus. By asking the clients of their physical activities, the massage therapist can focus on those areas where there may be pain or discomfort.

Find Out the Client’s Preferences During the Massage

All clients have their preferences as to the atmosphere during the massage. Maybe the client doesn’t like scented oils. Or perhaps the client doesn’t like music during the massage. Here is a question you should ask:

Do you have any music or aroma preferences during the massage?

You should never assume that the client likes the same type of music as you. You should also never assume that the client has similar preferences when it comes to the aroma of the message lotion.

Find Out Any Prior Injuries

Clients may have pre-existing injuries when they schedule a massage. Sometimes the injuries can be relieved by the massage. Other times the injuries can be compounded by the massage. Here is a question you should ask:

Do you have any prior injuries that I need to know about?

This question can also prevent any potential legal issues should the client have an undisclosed pre-existing injury that is worsened by the massage.

Find Out if the Client is Allergic to Anything

Some people are allergic to aromatherapy oils and message lotions containing essential oils. Here is a question you should ask:

Are you allergic to anything?

If the client is allergic to a massage lotion containing an essential oil, they may start suffering from contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction that may cause dry, cracked, or scaly skin, blisters, bumps or a burning sensation.

There are many questions that you should have on your massage client intake form. The above questions will help you to zero in on a client’s goals and prevent any issues that can arise. The questions will also help you create an environment where you client feels comfortable and relaxed. All these small things add up to create a great massage for your client, and in return, more business for you.

Final Thoughts

Intake forms can be convenient for your practice, especially when they are editable templates. Having the important templates will help you run your massage practice more easily and also help you give the best possible service to your clients.

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