Massage Business Names: How to Come up with the Right Name for Your Practice

Thinking of massage business names can be confusing for any new owner. You don’t want to pick something totally cliché that’s been used by every other massage service, but you also don’t want something so outlandish it turns people off.

So what exactly are you supposed to do? Well, you could go to your friends for advice, or pull a name from out of a hat. But if you really want a name that sticks, you’ll have to put some actual effort into it.

Before you start worrying about how to make that happen, you can read this guide to help you get on the right path. You’ll have a unique name of your own before you know it!

Think of Massage Business Names That Touch the Spirit

It’s a common thing that people associate the massaging arts with spirituality. There’s something about a good massage that seems to awaken something within us and helps us connect with the soul.

You can play on this notion by creating a name that generates thoughts of the spirit within potential customers, driving more people to your business as a result.

Some examples of this would be “Life Massage”, “Heavenly Bliss Spa”, or “Revitalize Massage”.

Come up with Names That Feature Life and Energy

When people get a massage, they go to build up their health and to revitalize their energy. Mimic their desires by creating a name that focuses on their wants.

Many people see massage services as a quick way to stimulate their health and extend their life because of the way it relaxes and heals the muscles, as well as increases the blood flow, so naming it after life and energy ideas is a safe bet.

Think of something along the lines of “Head to Toe Massage”, “Energize”, or “Vital Massage” just to name a few.

Think of Things That Appear in Nature

Perhaps it’s because of the music that we associate with them, but massage services and nature go hand in hand. For that reason, it’s a smart idea to reference nature in your company name.

Flowers, trees, and streams are always good for bringing out the more serene parts of nature, and you’re sure to capture the attention of your potential patrons by doing this.

A few examples would be “Wildflower Wellness”, “Summer River Massage”, and “Evergreen Valley Massage”.

Think that’s enough to get you started? Now try thinking of some of your own!

Let Us Help You

You’ve got a good start on creating massage business names so you can get started on giving your place of work the most epic title. We want to help you go even further.

Our business is dedicated to helping massage services like yours to grow and thrive. You can count on us to deliver tons of helpful facts, including learning about the latest massage oils, massage techniques, therapy tools, and so much more.

Ready to get started? Talk to us about listing your practice on our site and learning what we can do to help your business succeed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Author: anthonybart