How to Get Massage Therapist Reviews for Your Practice

In this digital age, online reviews can be a huge factor in deciding how we spend our money. Before we part with our cash, we want to know what others have to say about the services on offer.

In order to be competitive in the massage industry, you need an online presence with feedback from satisfied clients. If you’re unsure how to go about this, fear not. Read on for our guide to getting massage therapist reviews.

Be Present on Review Sites

Firstly, consider all of the places where someone may write a review of your business. Ensure your business is registered with the big sites like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and Yelp. These can be the go-to spots for someone looking to post a review

You will also benefit from listing on a dedicated massage therapy directory. This is where potential clients go to compare many therapists at once. Positive reviews from your clients will go a long way here.

Link to Review Sites

Now that you have a presence, make it easy for your clients to leave reviews! Put links to your review profiles on your website and social media so that people can easily find your glowing feedback.

This will also make it easier for potential clients to find the reviews that others have left.

Ask Your Happy Customers

Surely your clients are relaxed and happy after a massage? Next time you receive a compliment or positive feedback from a client, ask whether they’d be happy to put it in writing on the review site of their choice.

We’re all aware of how crucial positive reviews are for a business, so they are bound to be obliging. Strike while the iron is hot – the longer you leave it, the less likely they are to get around to writing it.

Give an Incentive For Massage Therapist Reviews

Your clients’ time is just as valuable as yours, so they might need a little encouragement to take a moment to write a review. Ensure that this is distinguished from buying reviews. Incentivize any feedback, not necessarily positive.

Why not try a monthly competition for a free massage, or you could offer discounts for future bookings. A little motivation can do wonders!

Ask Open Questions

Rather than contacting a client for a review outright, why not message or email to check in the next day? Ask them how they’re feeling after their massage experience.

This shows that you are a caring massage therapist. It also enables you to gauge whether it would be appropriate to ask for a review. If they’re gushing with gratitude and positivity, then mention your review profiles.

Sit Back and Relax

Now you’ve taken these steps, all you need to do is wait. The massage therapist reviews are sure to come rolling in.

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