How Online Quizzes Can Grow Your Massage Practice

For many massage therapists, learning how to get new clients without face to face interactions became trickier when Covid-19 hit in 2020. Insert internet marketing.  Internet marketing is a pretty crowded space for massage therapists, but innovation and creativity can help you get seen above the rest. In this blog, I will discuss how creating online quizzes for your massage therapy practice can help you find new clients.

Why Online Quizzes for Your Massage Therapy Practice?

Online quizzes are a great way to show off your range of services and your expertise by bringing information to your patients and potential patients in a fun way.

An online quiz can help answer questions your clients want to know (it’s best to research so that you know what questions they want to know). Here are some ideas:

  • “Which Type of Massage is Right for Me?”
  • “Best Massage Type”
  • “Will I Like a Hot Stone Massage?”

Here are some reasons why quizzes will benefit your business:

  • A quiz will position you and your company as experts
  • A quiz will drive quality visitors to your website through a process called SEO
  • A quiz can generate new leads for your business
  • A quiz can help your potential clients

Online Quiz Examples:

One of our partner sites, TherapyByPro, uses quizzes to help patients and then connect them with mental health professionals. Here are some examples:

Each of these quizzes is built with the patient in mind and to get in front of new patients.

How Do I Build a Quiz?

Let’s review how to build your quiz step by step:

  1. Research topics that your patients are searching for
  2. Create questions that can help answer an outcome, like “Should I get a Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage?”
  3. Assign a point value to each question
  4. Create ranges of scores that provide various outcomes to a patient’s responses
  5. Create a new webpage on your WordPress site
  6. Write about 500 to 1000 words of copy about the subject your quiz is on
  7. Create a quiz using the “Quiz and Survey Master” plugin on WordPress
  8. In this plugin, make sure you set up a form to collect important information like name, phone number, and quiz for quiz takers to provide you
  9. Post this quiz on the page you created in step 5 above
  10. Publish this quiz and push it out to your audience via social media, emails, and SEO (which will take time to be pushed out by Google)

Getting Started on Your Quiz

Now it’s your turn! We’ve gone through the steps it takes to build quizzes and why you should build quizzes to grow your massage therapy practice. It may seem daunting to build a quiz or multiple quizzes, but you just need to set aside a few hours and do it. You can do it!

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Anthony Bart is the owner of BartX and TherapistX, internet marketing companies that help a variety of local businesses like mental health professionals, lawyers, consultants, and other professionals like reiki healers. In addition, Anthony owns TherapyByPro, a mental health directory that connects patients with mental health professionals. TherapyByPro also offers editable SOAP Note form PDFs, editable mental status form PDFs, Counseling informed consent forms, editable counseling intake forms, and therapy progress note editable pdfs

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