How Is Massage Therapy in Hospitals Used?

The American Hospital Association surveyed 1,007 hospitals about their use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies, and more than 80% said they offered massage therapy.

Wait, massage therapy in hospitals? Yes, you read that correctly. Once seen as a luxury in a spa, massage as medicine has become more mainstream.

So what exactly is medical massage? Read on to learn about the uses of hospital-based massage therapy.

For Pain Management

Hospital-based massage therapy is now being used to help patients with pain. Units such as oncology, labor and delivery, and emergency can benefit from using massage as medicine for their patients.

Pain management is a challenging issue for patients, whether they are experiencing pre- or post-operative pain.

The good news is that studies show that if the pain is managed quickly after the surgery, patients typically recover without issues.

Deep tissue massage therapy is beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain.

For Reduced Levels of Anxiety

Getting a massage for your health is real. One of the main benefits of massage is to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and worry when a person is in the hospital are common.

When patients in the hospital have high levels of anxiety and stress, this inhibits their healing. Stress can exacerbate pain.

Even just 15-30 minutes of massage therapy in hospitals can work wonders in improving oxygen flow throughout the body. It also lowers blood pressure. Both of which contribute to lower stress levels.

Of all the types of massage, Lomi Lomi massage is designed to target both the body and the spirit.

For Patients Who Have Long Hospital Stays

Some patients have to endure lengthy hospital stays. Unfortunately, these prolonged hospital stays commonly result in sleeplessness and restlessness.

Massage therapy can help these patients cope with these side effects of long stays.

Some patients who have long hospital stays are bedridden. Immobility puts patients at risk for conditions like bedsores and muscle pain.

Massage can help relieve the aches and pains due to a lack of mobility.

Massage therapy makes oxygen-rich blood flow through all the parts of the body, including the fingers and toes. This improved circulation prevents bedsores from forming.

It also has the benefit of helping bedridden patients fall asleep.

For Others At the Hospital

There are a wide variety of people who walk the halls of any given hospital.

Some are outpatients. Others are doctors, nurses, and hospital employees. Of course, there are also many friends and family members of patients in a hospital setting.

Massage therapy in a hospital setting can benefit all these groups. For example, family members who have a loved one in palliative care would get comfort and reduced stress from a massage.

Hospital staff often have emotionally and physically taxing days. Massage can help restore their muscles and mind on these days.

Final Word on Massage Therapy in Hospitals

We hoped you enjoyed reading this article about the use of massage therapy in hospitals. We’re sure you’ll agree that this practice should continue and be expanded to more hospitals and clinics.

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