Is Bruising Normal When Receiving Cupping Massage?

Although cupping isn’t a new form of alternative medicine, it’s popularity is on the rise. From Olympic athletes to your coworker, people across the country are experiencing the benefits cupping has to offer.

Even if you’ve never received cupping yourself, you’ve probably seen the end result – cupping massage bruising. So what does cupping actually do and is the bruising a normal part of the treatment?

What Is Cupping?

Stemming from ancient Chinese therapy, cupping has been around since as early as 3,000 BC. It’s based on the belief that some health problems come from slow blood flow and bad energy throughout your body. Cupping is used to increase blood circulation to the area on the body where it’s being used.

Practitioners can apply the cups to any part of your body, creating pressure that pulls your skin inward. The most well-known area of the body where cupping is used is your back. You’ll find that cupping is often compared to a deep tissue massage as it has a similar process and benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping?

Cupping has been seen to improve the amount of pain in a targeted body part or muscle. People with chronic back pain, muscle tension, or ongoing stress have found that cupping alleviates the aches and pains they’re feeling.

Cupping attracts immune cells to a targeted area so the body can be repaired and to begin recovering, which is why it is beneficial for those with body pains.

What Health Conditions Does Cupping Help Improve?

While it’s a known fact that the majority of those taking part in cupping are experiencing some type of pain, whether it’s an inflamed muscle or tense shoulders, other health benefits have been found. Cupping has been used to treat skin conditions as well as sports injuries.

Some people have utilized cupping to deal with skin conditions such as herpes zoster and acne. Wet cupping is used in these scenarios because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve some skin problems.

What’s with the Bruising?

One of the most well-known side-effects of cupping is the bruising after the treatment. Because there is so much pressure applied to the skin that is being pulled inward into the cup, it’s common to experience bruising to the area that received the treatment.

While the marks can last anywhere from 1-hour post-treatment to 3 weeks, don’t be alarmed, this is your skins normal reaction to the amount of stress put on the blood vessels by the process. Even though it looks aggressive, the marks will disappear over time.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cupping Massage Bruising

While cupping isn’t for everyone, many people have experienced great relief from using it. And if you’re new to this kind of therapy, don’t be afraid of cupping massage bruising. Rest assured, it happens to everyone.

Interested in getting more information about massage techniques, but not sure if you want to dive into the world of cupping? Read more about the various ways you can take care of your body prior to seeing a specialist.


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