5 Best Cellulite Massage Tools to Help Get Rid of Cellulite

Most people do not consider the amount of physical strain a masseuse endures. When customers lay on your table, it is easy for them to forget about you and your comfort. Because of this, it is necessary to step back and look for ways to make your job easier without compromising quality. To help you do so, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best cellulite massage tools in the industry. Read on to learn more and give your fingers a well-deserved break.


NASA has proven Phototherapy doubles the speed at which skin renews. The Glo910+ takes advantage of these findings by using a combination of massaging heads and light energy. The innovative duo serves to reduce cellulite and restore skin elasticity.

Each of the four heads has a different purpose. The Cellu-Active head is for releasing fat deposits, while the Cellu-Detox head encourages drainage. Both smooth away cellulite. The Body-Brush Exfoliator head and the Lifting-Clean head each promotes healthier looking skin in their own ways.

Fendlee Handheld Cellulite Massage Tools

The silicone head of the Fendlee Handheld Cellulite Massager is very easy to clean. It is also the closest you will come to an actual massage without actually doing the dirty work yourself.

Additionally, it has a USB cable for convenient charging between clients.

Wellbox ‘S’ Slimming & Anti-Aging Device

The Wellbox ‘S’ Slimming & Anti-Aging Device is a cellulite massage machine in a futuristic package. It combines vacuum suction with rollers to reduce cellulite anywhere it appears.

With 26 different operational possibilities, it is an extremely flexible electric cellulite massager. Besides reducing cellulite, the Wellbox drains toxins, replenishes skin and brightens the complexion.


The G5 GBM is another versatile massaging tool. On higher speed settings the massaging tool is ideal for cellulite reduction. On lower speeds, this handheld masterpiece is ideal for those in need of frequent deep tissue massages.

The five massaging nodes make it possible to tackle both large and small muscle groups.

Legology Targeted Leg Detox Kit

If you still prefer a more hands-on approach, then the Targeted Leg Detox Kit by Legology may be more your speed. The kit comes with a bottle of blended aromatherapy oils and a circu-lite cup.

Start by massaging the oil into the skin and then use the cup to suction the cellulite. Simply pinch the cup together, put it to the skin and release to create suction. Once you have a good, solid suction, drag the cup up the flesh towards the heart. It is both easy to use and feels great!

With luck, one of these cellulite massage tools will be what you need to please your clients and rest your hands. As the Glo910+ uses technology based on NASA studies, it is likely the best cellulite massager you can find.

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Author: anthonybart