Massage Therapists

4 Common Massage Therapist Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Massage therapists work in a demanding profession full of opportunities to injure themselves. In this blog, we are going to highlight four common massage therapist injuries and how massage therapists can avoid them. Tenosynovitis and Tendinitis Tenosynovitis and Tendinitis are common injuries massage therapists can experience. These conditions involve inflammation of the tendon sheath and […]

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5 Proper Body Mechanics for Massage Therapy: Give Your Best Massage

massage therapist body mechanics

Massage therapists work day in and day out using their hands, arms, legs, and other body parts to administer great massages their patients love. But without following proper massage therapy body mechanics, therapists can injure themselves, become fatigued, and waste energy. Common Reasons Massage Therapists Feel Pain Massage therapists can feel pain throughout different parts […]

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Massage Therapist Average Salary


If you’ve ever gotten a professional massage, you know how relaxing and beneficial it can be for both your mental and physical health. You may enjoy it so much that you want to become a massage therapist yourself! But how much does a massage therapist make, and what schooling and training do you need in […]

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The 5 Best Essential Oils For Massage Therapy


People visit massage therapists 230 million times every year. And it’s not just for fun. In fact, people go to get relief from a wide array of health problems. Pain reduction, injury rehabilitation, reduced fatigue, better immune system, and improved overall wellbeing are just a few benefits sought. Clearly, massage therapy serves a greater purpose to many […]

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