Interview with Sarah Downing

Sarah was inspired to become a Licensed Massage Therapist after experiencing years of chronic illness and pain. Through her own healing journey she realized the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare and was moved to help others in the role of a “wounded healer”. Having seen first-hand the impact of stress-related illness, Sarah knows […]

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Is Bruising Normal When Receiving Cupping Massage?


Although cupping isn’t a new form of alternative medicine, it’s popularity is on the rise. From Olympic athletes to your coworker, people across the country are experiencing the benefits cupping has to offer. Even if you’ve never received cupping yourself, you’ve probably seen the end result – cupping massage bruising. So what does cupping actually […]

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Best Massage Footwear Options for a Massage Therapist


As an industry, massage therapy exceeds $18 billion. Wearing the best massage footwear makes working as a massage therapist less stressful and can increase your massage career longevity. Overall, massage therapy jobs are on the rise. That means people need to know where to get massage therapist shoes more than ever before. The wrong shoes can […]

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Interview with Richard J Platt

Richard is a former massage therapist entrepreneur of nearly a decade, who now educates other massage therapists in how they can create much more within their careers. Richard is as well the author of the best selling book ‘Massage Therapist Success Mindset’. Through his own experiences of being a massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist for […]

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What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?


In a time when many people have become strangers to the benefits of human touch, massage therapy can be a powerful reminder of what today’s society may be missing out on. Deep tissue massage, one of the most requested types of massage therapy, can be particularly beneficial. Studies show that it helps reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle […]

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Massage Therapist Average Salary


If you’ve ever gotten a professional massage, you know how relaxing and beneficial it can be for both your mental and physical health. You may enjoy it so much that you want to become a massage therapist yourself! But how much does a massage therapist make, and what schooling and training do you need in […]

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The 5 Best Essential Oils For Massage Therapy


People visit massage therapists 230 million times every year. And it’s not just for fun. In fact, people go to get relief from a wide array of health problems. Pain reduction, injury rehabilitation, reduced fatigue, better immune system, and improved overall wellbeing are just a few benefits sought. Clearly, massage therapy serves a greater purpose to many […]

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