10 Signs It’s Time for a New Massage Therapy Website


Now more than ever, technology continues to change, and so should the digital strategies your massage therapy practice uses. In the 1990s and early 2000s, simply having a web presence was a groundbreaking thing. Many companies did not have them so simply having a presence set your massage apart. In today’s society that is driven […]

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Benefits of Local SEO for Massage Therapists


A common question many massage therapists have is what is local SEO and how can it benefit my massage therapy practice? In this post, we are going to answer both questions! Let’s explore the benefits of local SEO for massage therapists. What is Local SEO? If you have a local massage therapy practice (especially one […]

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4 Common Massage Therapist Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Massage therapists work in a demanding profession full of opportunities to injure themselves. In this blog, we are going to highlight four common massage therapist injuries and how massage therapists can avoid them. Tenosynovitis and Tendinitis Tenosynovitis and Tendinitis are common injuries massage therapists can experience. These conditions involve inflammation of the tendon sheath and […]

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5 Proper Body Mechanics for Massage Therapy: Give Your Best Massage

massage therapist body mechanics

Massage therapists work day in and day out using their hands, arms, legs, and other body parts to administer great massages their patients love. But without following proper massage therapy body mechanics, therapists can injure themselves, become fatigued, and waste energy. Common Reasons Massage Therapists Feel Pain Massage therapists can feel pain throughout different parts […]

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How Is Massage Therapy in Hospitals Used?


The American Hospital Association surveyed 1,007 hospitals about their use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies, and more than 80% said they offered massage therapy. Wait, massage therapy in hospitals? Yes, you read that correctly. Once seen as a luxury in a spa, massage as medicine has become more mainstream. So what exactly is medical massage? Read […]

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What are Pregnancy Massage Contraindications?


Massages during pregnancy have many benefits, including back pain relief, joint pain relief, muscle tension relief, stress relief, and many more. However, complications may arise if contraindications are ignored. In this post, we will review several pregnancy massage contraindications. How Far Along You Are Some massage therapists refuse to give massages to pregnant women in […]

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Interview with Sarah Downing

Sarah was inspired to become a Licensed Massage Therapist after experiencing years of chronic illness and pain. Through her own healing journey she realized the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare and was moved to help others in the role of a “wounded healer”. Having seen first-hand the impact of stress-related illness, Sarah knows […]

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Is Bruising Normal When Receiving Cupping Massage?


Although cupping isn’t a new form of alternative medicine, it’s popularity is on the rise. From Olympic athletes to your coworker, people across the country are experiencing the benefits cupping has to offer. Even if you’ve never received cupping yourself, you’ve probably seen the end result – cupping massage bruising. So what does cupping actually […]

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Best Massage Footwear Options for a Massage Therapist


As an industry, massage therapy exceeds $18 billion. Wearing the best massage footwear makes working as a massage therapist less stressful and can increase your massage career longevity. Overall, massage therapy jobs are on the rise. That means people need to know where to get massage therapist shoes more than ever before. The wrong shoes can […]

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Interview with Richard J Platt

Richard is a former massage therapist entrepreneur of nearly a decade, who now educates other massage therapists in how they can create much more within their careers. Richard is as well the author of the best selling book ‘Massage Therapist Success Mindset’. Through his own experiences of being a massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist for […]

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What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?


In a time when many people have become strangers to the benefits of human touch, massage therapy can be a powerful reminder of what today’s society may be missing out on. Deep tissue massage, one of the most requested types of massage therapy, can be particularly beneficial. Studies show that it helps reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle […]

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