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Best test taking tips to pass the MBLEX

Your massage therapy career doesn’t start when you complete Massage School. One of the key components to obtaining your License is passing the national MBLEX test. The exam is scored on a scale from 300-900 with 630 as a minimum passing score. Your results will be available immediately after the exam. Passing this test is usually a little challenging, and you may have to take it more than once. However, with adequate preparation, you’ll be able to pass the exam the first time to avoid wasting time and money on added registration fees. Here are a few tips to help you pass on your first try :

Practice makes Perfect

The first step to taking the exam successfully is studying for it. You might think that the key to Studying is to cram the most amount of info in the shortest amount of time. But spacing out your study time blocks is essential so that you don’t oversaturate your mind as that could leave you feeling confused on the exam day.  Treat that scenario like you would the real exam by taking it seriously and trying to answer all questions on time. Focus on the questions you get wrong rather than the ones you get right; this way, you’ll develop a better understanding and approach to those questions to increase your chances of passing the test. Practice tests are also great for dealing with anxiety before you start. There are various study resources and aids to help you with your studies. Some of them are :

Have the right mindset

Practicing for the test doesn’t guarantee that you will get the same questions on the day of the exam. You may get similar questions that are structured differently, but the great news is that the answer will be literally right in front of you as the exam is multiple choice. Don’t be rigid in your approach and try to understand the differences between the practice tests and the real test.  Keep in mind that you have already seen the answer during your studies and you are well versed in this subject.


Maintaining your concentration throughout the exam is crucial. You will get 2 hours to complete 100 questions, which means you can’t afford to be distracted.  You must also manage your time properly and answer all questions without skipping.  Focus on your own test and avoid looking at the other test-takers. This will only create unnecessary anxiety and doubt in your own test-taking capabilities.  No personal belongings are allowed in the examination room so focusing on the exam itself will be much easier this way. You got this!


Don’t second-guess yourself

If a specific answer seems like the obvious one then this is probably the correct answer.  Remember, the answer is right in front of you, literally.


Get a good night’s rest

Getting enough sleep the night before the exam can help you relax properly. Your brain needs to rest in order for it to do its best. Try not to take alcohol or other substances that could interfere with your concentration during the exam.


With these tips and proper studying in massage school, you should pass the MBLEX exam easily


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