Ashiatsu Back Massage: The Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage

Did you know that nearly 55 million Americans had at least one back massage from July 2016 to July 2017?

The massage industry amounted to almost $16 million in 2017 alone, encompassing different types of massages such as deep tissue, massage, reflexology, and even Ashiatsu back massage.

Ashiatsu massage can be used with therapeutic purposes, alleviating pains and improving blood circulations.

If you’re new to this type of massage, keep reading to find out more about it, including its numerous benefits.

What Is Ashiatsu Back Massage

Before learning more about ashiatsu massage, let’s find out what this name stands for. “Ashi” means feet and “atsu” means massage. As you have probably guessed it, this type of massage focuses on using the feet to deliver a therapeutic, soothing massage to the client.

How Is Ashiatsu Massage Performed?

The massage practitioner utilizes his body weight to walk barefoot on the back of the client to alleviate pains and discomfort. Although this might sound dangerous at first, keep in mind that the massage is performed in a safe and controlled manner, without causing injury.

Various massaging techniques applied barefoot combined with the force of gravity helps the practitioner activate various nervous centers in the body of the client. This improves blood flow and brings a whole suite of other benefits.

Ashiatsu Back Massage Can Free Up Nerve Endings

The practitioner proceeds to move along the spine of the client, gently applying pressure on nerve centers. This can relieve muscle spasms and give nerves more space. Applying gentle pressure in the lumbar region can also increase blood flow.

When more blood filled with oxygen arrives at the nerves, this helps to alleviate pains and discomfort.

Ashiatsu Massage Can Improve Your Posture

This is also possible because when nerve centers are freed up, they fire in the correct order when you perform a move.

Many people develop chronic pains and posture problems because the nerves which control limbs are not activated properly. This can lead to a bad gait as well. Since Ashiatsu back massage “untangles” nerves, they will be able to contract and relax muscles in the right order which will improve your posture and gait. One or two sessions of Ashiatsu massage per week is ideal to achieve this benefit.

Ashiatsu Massage Helps Detoxify the Body

Another advantage of this type of massage is the simple fact that it can detoxify your body. All types of massages, including Ashiatsu, stimulate the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for detoxifying your organism and improving your immune response.

When your system is detoxified properly, you have more energy to do things and you feel better about yourself. Your organs, particularly your liver and kidneys, are not overloaded and they can perform their functions optimally.

Book Your Session of Ashiatsu Massage Today!

An Ashiatsu back massage can work wonders for your spine as well as your entire body. If you haven’t tried this type of massage before, now would be a good time! On top of that, check out these essential oils as well as they can help you bring your massage therapy to the next level.


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