7 Awesome Massage Therapy Advertising Tips

Massage therapy is an incredibly popular and incredibly old human tradition. The first texts detailing massage therapy date all the way back to ancient China. But with massage being such a popular and widely recognized profession, you need to do something to set your business apart from the rest. Creative advertising can be tough. After all, you’re in the business of relaxation and healing, not marketing. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are 7 awesome massage therapy advertising ideas for your business.

1. Website

Having a professionally built website is one of the most important things you can do to properly represent your business. If you don’t have one, you need to hire a professional web design company or look into learning how to build one yourself.

2. Blog

So much advertising takes place online these days, but customers still want to feel those personal touches. Instead of letting an algorithm control your marketing campaign, emphasize the human element and connect with clients.

By starting a blog on your business’s website, you can engage potential customers with useful information about massage therapy and related topics. Not only is this interesting and engaging, but it lets people know that you have the expertise they’re looking for.

Having a blog will also boost your website’s ranking in search engines, making it more likely that people will find your business. We recommend for blogging.

3. Postcards

With massage being such a personal experience, making your advertising feel equally personal is a great move. Sending out postcards is a great way to reach new customers while adding a personal touch.

Try targeting neighborhoods close to your place of business. People will be far more tempted to check out somewhere close to home. Not only that but combining the proximity with the personal feel of postcards will make your business feel that much homier.

You can also include introductory deals or coupons in your postcards as an added incentive.

4. Corporate Partnerships

It’s no secret that the corporate world is a super high-stress environment. Due to that fact, there are few people who could benefit more from massage therapy than corporate employees.

Reach out to corporate HR departments and let them know about your services. Try offering discounted rates for their employees or talk to them about including your services in their health benefits deal.

By targeting specific workforces, you can acquire built-in customer bases. This will also end up growing your business organically in the long run.

5. Rewards Program

A loyalty rewards program is a great incentive for returning customers, but it also encourages new business. When potential customers see a great rewards program, it makes your services more attractive than a business who doesn’t offer that benefit.

Be sure to push this program in all your advertising. People want to know that their business and loyalty will be rewarded, and this is the best way to put that into action.

6. Schedule Online

If modern customers want anything, it’s convenient. In person and over the phone appointment making is quickly becoming a thing of the past for this reason.

By offering the ability to make appointments online, you make it so that clients don’t even have to leave their home until the actual appointment comes. If you optimize your site for mobile, it makes it even more convenient. This should be a no-brainer.

7. Online Directory

Another great way to reach new clients is by adding your service to a searchable database. Getting your business listed on a directory is extremely valuable for SEO. When future customers search for general terms, you want your business to show up highly in search engines. Massage By Pro will help you accomplish this goal. Click here to get your business on the radar of thousands of new potential clients.

Try These Massage Therapy Advertising Techniques for Sure Success

Your massage therapy advertising needs to be creative, engaging, and convenient. Follow these tips and you’ll be attracting new customers in no time.

To summarize, these 7 massage therapy advertising techniques will help your massage practice grow:

  1. Build a Quality Website
  2. Get a Blog to Help with SEO
  3. Reach Out to Local Neighbors via Post Cards
  4. Get Corporate Partnerships
  5. Offer a Rewards Program
  6. Create an Ability to Schedule Appointments Online
  7. Join a directory like


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