6 things to do when opening a massage business

Opening a massage therapy business requires many steps. There are legal and financial steps to set up the business, and there are steps that grow the business and increase efficiency. This article focuses on the latter and assumes that you have already completed the former. Here are 6 things to do when opening a massage business:

Create a Great Marketing Strategy

In order to be successful, you must have a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting your desired clientele. First you must decide who your preferred clientele is. This can be challenging. Research who benefits most from the massage services that you offer. For example, if you are trained in offering massages for pregnant women or athletes, then that could be your preferred clientele.

If you do not know anything about marketing, there are online resources that can teach you how to be successful in your marketing. If you do not have the time or desire to learn, you can hire a professional marketing agency. The marketing agency will help you decide how to market to your target audience. A good digital marketing agency will choose the best strategy for you, whether it be online advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, or a combination of all. They will also recommend that you have a good website that has been optimized for SEO.

Regardless of whether you hire a marketing agency, you should create social media profiles for your business and only post business-related items. You should create a good website as well as sign up for Google My Business. When someone searches for your business on Google, you want your business to appear in the knowledge panel, which is the large, prominent panel to the right of the search results that gives details about your company.

Have Good Software

Many small business owners make the mistake of not selecting good software to manage their business. There are many excellent software programs that provide solutions for massage therapist businesses. When deciding on a solution, it is important that the software manage everything, from client databasing to accounting to marketing emails. Often times, good software will be able to link to other software. For example, if you use QuickBooks to manage your accounting and business analysis, there are online scheduling and client management tools that will update QuickBooks automatically when a new client is added or an invoice is sent out or paid. This saves you time and increases efficiency.

You should also use an online scheduling program. This software allows a client to visit your website, see available times, and book a massage session while on your website. Many people prefer to book things online rather than calling.

Use a Good Client Intake Form

A good client intake form can help you retain clients and avoid potential complications when giving a massage. A good client intake form should find out the client’s goals for the massage, where the client needs attention, any preference the client may have, any prior injuries, and if the client is allergic to anything.

Choose a Good Location

This step may seem basic, but it is very important. Your office should be near your desired clientele. Location is one important factor that people consider when they choose your massage therapy business. If it is too far, they will most likely pick another massage therapist. If it is in a dangerous area of town, they will most likely not become a client or a repeat client.

Network Like Crazy

This last step may seem obvious, but it is vital to any small business owner. In addition to online marketing, networking offers massage business owners a chance to market directly to potential clients. Joining a referral group is a great way to get new clients. A referral group is a group of small business owners that get together weekly or monthly and get to know each other and pass each other leads. They may have friends or acquaintances that need a good massage therapist and will recommend you. Networking can lead to more success than even online marketing in some cases.

While opening a massage business can be a major struggle, it is often worth it once the business is established and doing well. In order to do well, a massage business must have excellent marketing and be as efficient as possible.

Get Templates

Using private practice form templates can help you save time when you are starting your private practice. We recommend finding templates that are fillable so your clients can easily fill them out on a computer.

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