5 Considerations Before Accepting Cruise Ship Massage Jobs

Sailing the seas, visiting beautiful destinations and getting paid to do it. It sounds like a dream job, right? However, when it comes to being a massage therapist on a cruise ship, that may not always be the case.

Although you may assume that the job will be worth doing, you should certainly take some things into consideration beforehand. Here are a few things you should know before accepting cruise ship massage jobs.

It’s A Lot of Work

Just because the passengers are on vacation, it doesn’t mean you are too. One of the major considerations of taking cruise ship massage jobs is that you’ll likely be working ten to twelve hour days.

The cruise ship passengers often use massage therapy as a way to relax throughout the whole holiday so it’s not surprising that the ship massage parlors are often fully booked. It’s certainly not a job for the faint of heart and the work can become repetitive with so many bookings.

Motion Sickness

Even the strongest of stomachs can suffer from motion sickness on a cruise ship. When you’re traveling on calm seas, there’s often only slight indication that you’re moving. However, if the weather turns for the worse, it’ll certainly rock the boat.

Although there are many remedies for motion sickness, including tablets and motion sickness bracelets, they’re unlikely to work on a regular and prolonged basis.

Small Living Quarters

If you’re thinking you’ll be surrounded by luxurious living quarters while you’re working on a cruise ship, think again. In fact, many staff end up crammed into tiny spaces, some of which are sharing quarters. This often doesn’t work out for anyone who likes their own privacy.

It’s also a huge problem if you’re claustrophobic because you’re not just in small cabins but you’re also usually on the lower decks of the ship.

Seeing the World

The true benefit of cruise ship job positions is the opportunity to travel. Many cruise ships stop at different destinations at each port of call. If your day off coincides with the ship docking, you have the luxury of being able to explore new places.

The problem is that many people take this type of job to build their finances. If you’re stopping in different countries all the time, it’s easy to spend those finances and go home with nothing in the bank.

Contract Length

Many massage therapists for cruise liners are hired by outside agencies. These agencies ask employees to go through training programs and then commit to an eight-month contract. Eight months at sea is a long time for some people.

Having said that, once the eight-month contract is over you have the option of signing shorter length contracts.

Cruise Ship Massage Jobs Aren’t For Everyone

There are many advantages and disadvantages to cruise ship massage jobs but they certainly aren’t for everyone. At Massage By Pro you’ll find lots of helpful tips on everything massage, so make sure to bookmark this page!


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Author: anthonybart