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4 Ways to Stay Safe during Mobile Appointments

Staying safe doing Mobile appointments is always a priority for any provider offering this type of service.  As the Coronavirus Pandemic has devastated many small Health and Wellness businesses, many practitioners have had to pivot their business model quickly and seamlessly to a Mobile Practice.  As more and more people chose to stay home, the mobile and delivery aspect of business almost grew overnight. Having a Commercial space, for some Healers, is almost impractical at this point to keep and many have made the devastating decision to permanently close their physical location(s) altogether.


Starting a Mobile Practice is a natural business expansion for Massage Therapists, Reiki Healers, and such.  For some, it’s a sole option in order to keep their “doors” open. People realized that hands-on service simply cannot be duplicated via a Zoom Call.


Staying safe during a home visit is a top priority. Not knowing the space, meeting a new client on their territory for the first time can bring up many apprehensions. In this blog, we will be discussing 4 ways to stay safe during a Mobile Appointment.


1. Screen your clients before a Mobile Appointment


Screening your clients before an appt will help you familiarize yourself with them a little bit more.  Clients should have zero qualms in giving away their full name, address, email, phone number, and, in some cases, their place of work, and job title. Upon receiving this initial information below are 4 “search engines” to use to enter in this information to further narrow the screening process


2.Social Media Channels

3.Reverse Lookup App

4. 411.com


2. Send a Client Intake Form prior to the Mobile Appointment


Sending the Intake Form prior to the appointment allows you to receive all of their information and assess what kind of treatment they are seeking before you get to the physical location.  A client seeking a legitimate Healing session will have zero qualms filling out all aspects of your form. Stressing that all fields are required in order to approve them as a client is strongly suggested as well.


3. Tell someone about your Appointment


Telling someone about your appointment is one of the most important safety tips. Giving someone the location and time of your appt and knowing someone is aware of your whereabouts is very important in case something should go wrong during a house call. If you have nobody to lean on a good tactic is making a fake phone call in front of your client the moment you arrive, giving the allusion that someone is aware of your location.


4. Use Your Intuition


Lastly, use your Intuition. Your gut will tell you everything you need to know about a situation or certain client and learn to trust it. Many times Practitioners feel guilty for simply declining a call but always remember you don’t owe anything to anyone. If someone feels wrong, then it probably is and no amount of money is worth putting your life at risk. Safety first.



As we see more and more small independent businesses shut down, this does not necessarily your business has to completely shut down its operation. As one stream of income might have shrunk, providing a Mobile appt for your clients will provide a much-needed pivot to your business and fill demand at the same time. Health and Wellness is much needed, especially now.

They might have chairs, different tools, and even robots that can provide relief for your patients but nothing can truly replace human to human connection.


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